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Bamboo Make-Up Brushes

There are 5 brushes in the set, containing make-up brush (compact powder brush), concealer brush, eye shadow brush, brow-eyelash comb and clipped brush. Their common feature is that their handles are made of bamboo.
Let’s start with make-up brush. I usually use this brush to apply bronzer. But it’s also ideal for applying powder. In fact it excellently deploys bronzer items. It provides a natural appearance to the face and there wasn’t any shedding in brush’s hair. Actually this is my favourite brush in this set. It made me say “so glad I bought”!
Brow-eyelash comb is among my favourites. Eyelash comb separates the eyelashes, and brow comb is something i rarely use but a needed item. This brush combs nicely.
Eye shadow brush is again a thick one. It can be preferred as a mixing brush.
Angled eyeliner brush is something I rarely prefer to apply eyeliner. I use this brush to fill brow gaps.
Writer: Pamuk Şeker

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