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Tangle Eraser

I wanted to buy and try Tangle Eraser Brush as I’ve heard a lot of praise about it lately. My daughter was complaining about combing her hair hurted a lot. I wanted not to hurt her while combing her hair and give damage to her hair. We are very fond of this comb as mother-daughter!
You can comb easily both dry and wet hair with this brush. How fuzzy your hair is does not matter, this brush looses it easily.
Brush is designed to be carried easily in your bags. .
If you don’t want to suffer anymore and shed your hair while combing, you can get this brush and have a big relief.
You can style your hair with zero pain!
Writer İlknur Balcı

ARTNET Brushes I’ve Tried

I like to make new discoveries in brushes too, as I like to do so in every respect. Even I had interesting discoveries. Today I want to speak of ARTNET brushes.
ARTNET No:27 Angled Foundation Brush
A clipped, slick but slicely curved brush. Its hair is very soft and thick. It excellently deploys half-liquid items like foundation or BB cream. Even if some brushmarks appear at first, when you thoroughly spread the foundation, there is no mark left behind. I didn’t apply compact powder with this brush because I don’t prefer intense powder application but you can apply bronzer and highlighter too.
ARTNET No:1 Mask Brush
I was normally not used to apply my masks with brush but I wanted to give it a try. It is very successful in dissolving evenly. Its mould is developed in this way after all. Its hair is long but outer parts are shorter. In addition this brush isn’t that soft, hence ideal for mask application
ARTNET No:3 Fan Brush
This brush is very soft and i use it for highlighter application.
ARTNET No:19 Wide Eyeshadow Brush
ARTNET sponge-tipped eyeshadow brush applies the eyeshadow to the eyelid in its totality. Its tip is very wide, places the eyeshadow to the eyelid almost in first gust. I especially prefer this brush with glitter eyeshadows.
Writer: Duygu Göker

Bamboo Make-Up Brushes

There are 5 brushes in the set, containing make-up brush (compact powder brush), concealer brush, eye shadow brush, brow-eyelash comb and clipped brush. Their common feature is that their handles are made of bamboo.
Let’s start with make-up brush. I usually use this brush to apply bronzer. But it’s also ideal for applying powder. In fact it excellently deploys bronzer items. It provides a natural appearance to the face and there wasn’t any shedding in brush’s hair. Actually this is my favourite brush in this set. It made me say “so glad I bought”!
Brow-eyelash comb is among my favourites. Eyelash comb separates the eyelashes, and brow comb is something i rarely use but a needed item. This brush combs nicely.
Eye shadow brush is again a thick one. It can be preferred as a mixing brush.
Angled eyeliner brush is something I rarely prefer to apply eyeliner. I use this brush to fill brow gaps.
Writer: Pamuk Şeker

Project: Bryant Hill

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Aliquam Rocket

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